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Meet the Band

The Singles play all your favorite Motown Hits! You won't be able to stay off the dance floor! From "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" to "You're No Good" and everything in between, The Singles play all the best Motown hits to get you shaking your groove thang! Located in Vancouver and available throughout BC for private parties, conventions, weddings, festivals, pub shows, and so much more!

Cera  - Lead Vocals - Trumpet

Cera spends her days baking and her evenings singing. Also an award winning Cher impersonator, Cera loves nothing more than paying tribute to all the wonderful Motown artists!

Ricardo - Percussion - Backup Vocals

Ricardo took up drum lessons as a kid originally as a means to avoid having to do the piano lessons which were traditional in his family. But he grew to love drumming and, after a number of years banging around in the garage with neighbors complaining, eventually found himself gigging with various party bands of different genres, even tried playing a time or two in cruise ships

Rob - Guitar - Backup Vocals

Is Rob an upside down cat? No, of course, not! Cats can't play guitar. Rob is new to The Singles and we have yet to get a photo of him. Rob plays with windows during the day and plays a mean guitar with the Singles in the evenings!


Mark - Saxophone

Mark has been playing saxophone for many years in the Vancouver area. He studied under Stan Karp (Cap College) and has been a part of several local bands including Backtrax, Flashback Plus and Ardent Tribe.

Favourite music is James Brown, Tower of Power and right at the top is Motown!

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Arvin - Bass

Is Arvin a cat? No, of course not! Cats can't play bass! As soon as we get a pic of our fantastic bass player, we'll get his picture up here. Until then...Arvin plays a mean bass I tell ya!


Fabrice - Keys

Many moons ago Fab traded baguettes and fromage for hiking and camping in BC's beautiful mountains. With a history of performing in France and Canada, he's a wiz on keys!

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